18 January 2008

gavin & arthur were knitted to life by Debi van Zyl in California sometime in 2007.
they moved to Newcastle for a new adventure late 2007. during their first summer they've eaten enough gelato to give them a sizeable belly, but for all the walking around their new town and summer days at the beach they are still fit and trim!

on our first walk out into our new neighbourhood... this seems to be the local primary school. claims to be the oldest school in Australia

outside our new home in barker street... it's a lovely old weather board house with original iron work details... the carpets inside are a little smelly but the garden definitely makes up for it, especially the wild vegetable garden.

king edward park, just a quick walk across the road from our door

overlooking king edward park down on to our local beach and bits of the city

what did gavin and i listen to before radio national?